More Than. Just Chat.

Advanced features for zap buddy users along with best and secure chat

Device Location Privacy

Take Control of your device location and decide who gets selected info

device privacy location


Backup and Restore your chats to different devices regardless they are ios/android.

Backup and Restore  Chat


Set Custom and exceptions as well for each user and group

Custom Notifications
Zap AR View Tafalgar Places and Friends

Display Picture Privacy

Take Control of your profile and change who gets to see which display picture

Display Picture Privacy

Enhanced Group Chat

Select group owners, admins, permissions and ability to join or not before becoming a part of a group.

Group Custom Notifications

Secure App Lock

Lock your app securely so you can share the phone easily

Secure the ZApp and Share your

Zap up with Augmented Reality (Zap AR).

Zap Nearest Places
Zap AR Nearest Places

See your friends

Zap up your friends and see where they are through Zap AR

Zap AR View

Share your location

Share your location with specific friends and help them find you through Zap AR

Share Your Location

Nearby Places

Zap up nearby places, and points of interest and Ability to search them through Augmented Reality

Nearest Places


Navigate to the selected Zapbuddies or places selected through Zap AR

Navigate to Nearest Places

Display Picture Privacy.

Take Control of your display picture privacy in ZapBuddy

Phone Book Contacts

Select picture for your friends who are in your phonebook contacts only

Outside the Contact

Outside Phone Book

Select picture for users who are not in your phone book but might have your number

Contact Photos


Select a separate display picture for unwanted and blocked contacts



Select a separate display picture for specific users

For your Loved one
Zap Display Picture Privacy

Device Location Privacy.

Take Control of your device location in ZapBuddy.

Zap Location Privacy
Zap Location Sharing

Outside Phone Book

Select location for users who are not in your phone book but might have your number

Outside the Phonebook

Phone Book Contacts

Select a location for your friends who are in your phonebook contacts only

Phonebook Contacts


Select location for specific users

For your Dearest Love


Select specific location for blocked users and not have them see up your actual location even if they try to do so


Custom Notifications.

Custom Notications
Exceptions for Zapbuddies

Set Custom Notifications & Alerts

You can now set custom notifications for each Zapbuddy user and group

Custom Notifications

Exceptions Notification

Have the ability for a friend or a group to bypass user or group setting, even if they are set on quiet.

Exceptions For Zapbuddies and Groups

Dearest One & Custom

Alerts whenever your family texts you .

Set Exceptions for Family and Loved

Enhanced Group Chat.

Permission to Join

Have the option for joining a group or not before hand to avoid becoming part of unwanted groups cluttering up messages

Group Join Permissions

Admin Controls

Group Owners and Admins have different controls over group settings to avoid unwanted changes in created groups.

Group Admin Controls
Admin Controls
rights to join or Not To Join the Groups

Have your data with You.

Backup & Restore

Backup and Restore your data across your devices regardless if it is ios or android

Backup Your Data

Encrypted Backup in your email

Have your data backed up in your own email to have additional control over your information

Encrypted Backup

Select what to backup

Select timelines, chats and multimedia to backup and restore and avoid over using memory and getting rid of unwanted chats in your backup

Selections is Yours
Data Backup with your email

Secure your Chats.

Unlock the Zap App

Lock App

Lock your app and share your phone easily without friends going through your chats

Lock your App

Encrypted Chats

Keep your chats secure and out of prying eyes with advanced encryption

Encrypted Chats

More to Come

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With many features already in work, expect to see much more soon


Group Audio and Video Calls

Have the ability for group Audio and Video calls soon on Zapbuddy

Zap Calling Feature Coming Soon

Enhanced AR Navigation

Have advanced Navigation in Zap AR as well to reach destinations more easily

Enhanced Zap AR Coming Soon


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Download Zapbuddy and Zap up friends and places now

ZapBuddy More than Just Chat.